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What do we mean by family dental care? Simply put, our focus is on providing quality dental care for the whole family. It's about creating relationships, knowing your family and making the treatment personal. We enjoy getting to know our patients, taking the time to listen and understand your individual needs which enables us to offer a more personal family oriented dental service.



Making Family Dental Care Fun

Regular dental check ups are good for your children, because it teaches good oral health from an early age. It also helps develop a positive attitude towards dental visits. It's extremely important we make dental visits fun and enjoyable for our younger patients to help avoid any phobias or anxiety later on in life. This is why our dentists have a gentle approach, so that children will develop positive associations with regular dental checkups and build healthy oral hygiene habits for life.

The Challenges of Family Dental Care

Dentists come in all sorts of specialties, ranging from orthodontics to pediatrics. A family dentist is a dentist that sees the entire family, from babies to teenagers and adults.  Adults, children, and teens have varying dental needs and the family dentists at Granby Dental Practice are experienced at delivering the comprehensive oral care for every member of the family, no matter age or stage in life.


Benefits of Family Dental Care

Seeing a family dentist has many benefits that you might not be aware of. One of the most important ways a dentist can help your family is by providing preventive dentistry treatments and advice. Maintaining good oral health is an important part of each person’s overall health. Taking care of your dental health can help ensure the longevity of your teeth but can also help maintain a good quality of life. Our aim is to provide affordable dental treatment in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Maintain Family History

When you visit one dentist during your lifetime, the dentist will have all your dental records, medical history and family history in one place. The dentist will be able to foresee dental health problems that run in your family and provide solutions to avoid them. The dentist will be able to recognise and record dental diseases, allergies or surgery you have had and more.

Having all the family dental records in one place is convenient for everyone, especially if a problem arises.


When you have children, it's normal to shuffle them to many different places for different needs, especially when it comes to medical needs. However, with a family dental practice in Loughborough, you'll only need to make one stop and everyone is done. It's the perfect convenience for the busy family and frees up your schedule for the other important things. 

Emergency Services

Especially with children, emergencies are expected, and can include things like a chipped tooth, severe pain or swelling, or other dental trauma. Knowing that you have a family dentist in your corner when emergencies happen, offers peace of mind that our compassionate and caring team is here to help.


New Families welcome

It is vital to your oral health and general well being that you visit the dentist regularly. At your first appointment, which usually lasts around 30 minutes, we will carry out a thorough 18-point examination of your mouth, teeth and gums. We will examine your tongue, cheeks, glands and bite, and take x-rays, if necessary.

This appointment gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and for you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have about your teeth or smile. Following this, you will be given a full treatment plan.

Children under 16 can be seen under the NHS or privately. Adults, and children aged 16 and over are welcomed as private patients with the option to later join our care plan or simply pay as they go. 


New Patients

New Patients

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