Teeth Straightening (Orthodontics)

Granby House Dental Practice in Loughborough, Leicestershire is proud to be one of only a handful of dental surgeries in the East Midlands to offer the Six Month Smiles® orthodontic system. It provides adults with a fast and affordable way to have straight teeth and transform their smiles in as little as six months.



Want straight teeth in 6 months?

So you’re dreaming of your perfect smile - one that lights up your face and helps you show off your beautiful teeth with confidence. Too many adults spend their entire lives covering their mouths when they laugh, smile or talk. They feel stuck because they do not want to wear adult metal braces for years or they are concerned that other corrective teeth straightening procedures could be too invasive or too expensive.  Six Month Smiles® is a clear braces and invisible aligners system designed to straighten your teeth in an average of 6 months.

The main purpose of the treatment is to correct the alignment of the front teeth

By focusing on just the front teeth, this system uses unique discreet clear brackets that are connected using tooth-coloured wires, so is ideal if you don’t like the thought of wearing metal braces! Many people are worried about how they will look when wearing orthodontic braces but we can reassure clients that this system is discreet, short term and substantially cheaper than other methods of treatment.

These gently straighten your teeth into their new position giving you that new confident smile that you have always longed for.



Who is ideal for the Six Month Smile treatment

If you are 16 years or older, you are absolutely ideal for the six months treatment. However, we would advise teenagers aged below 16 and children to not opt for this treatment.

The first step to getting the treatment started is to consult with our trusted dental practitioner and get effective advice after a careful examination of your teeth and the type of misalignment.

Rebecca Moss is trained and can provide Six Month Smiles® here at Granby House. Contact us on 01509 212170 for more information and to book your consultation to assess if you are suitable for the Six Month Smile® system.


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